• why does it say “house of j customs” in some of your preview images?

    Recently I went through a change of my website and Instagram username, as such not everything could be changed at the same time so some things are still left

  • What is a Pattern?

    A Pattern is a digital file that is printed onto stretch fabric and then sewn together to make a costume. These are essential to the dye-sub method of making bodysuits which has become so popular today.

  • How can i buy a cosplay suit using your patterns?

    To have this pattern turned into a suit I suggest using budget sites such as www.zentaizone.com and www.herostime.com for a fast turnaround and cheap prices! They can also resize the suit to your custom measurements . Simply download the pattern within 24 hours of purchasing it, upload it to google drive. select the option on their website for custom suits and send them a download link to the pattern. With this they should be able to make you a suit. Below are links to their webpages.

  • http://www.zentaizone.com/zentaizone-custom-printing-and-sewing-p-516.html

  • http://www.herostime.com/Custom-Making-Service

  • where can i purchase a pattern from you?

    You can purchase patterns from my digital shop right here in my website.

  • How can you attend my convention?

    Send a message to the convention that you’d like me to attend and ask them if they can have me as a guest. If they accept then hopefully I will be able to attend your convention.

  • What is a print?

    A print is an 8 x 12 printed image of one of my cosplays. This will be personally signed by me unless you’d like me not to. Any special requests for the print can be suggested and I will do my best to meet them.